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Series One

Join Splott, Jansey, The Librarian and the other residents of Moonkarta in this hilarious and epic family adventure that was recommended by The Guardian as a Podcast of the Week, and the Radio Times as a Pick of The Best Audio On-Demand.

When dark forces arrive off the ancient shores of Moonkarta, the balance of everything is threatened. Can Splott and his friends protect the Tree of All Seeds and the magical Forbidden Forest, with its precious stone circles? 

Join them in this epic tale, of good against evil, and of courage and friendship, that takes our gang on a voyage across seas and deserts, and to ancient lands, where astronomers watch the skies and where magic and legends rule.

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The story is just getting started!

Series One is just the start of something cinematic and exciting!

Join us here for exclusive news, sneak previews and announcements as the adventure takes our heroes on a journey over land and sea, to ancient cities and deserts, and towards the series' breathtaking conclusion, and towards the brand new adventure that is Series Two!

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